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What's New with Buffet Bachelor?

I started off the new year with my main goal being to complete my books, and work on client projects, which I am still busy working on. Now that being said Buffet Bachelor has been a coloring nightmare, and I say that because every time I start, I get pulled into a void of something else. Honestly I thought about just having the entire book in black and white then having a special color edition.

Buffet Bachelor Cover

Which isn't necessarily a bad thing because I need the break. But what makes finishing the book time consuming is also what makes it beautiful. I think that maybe the style I went for is a bit over the top but there's a spark about it that I like. I want to keep that momentum going. I want to make sure that the book is a representation of what I can do as a comic artist and more so an illustrator.

So moving forward I'm on a schedule! If I hash out four pages a day I should be done in no time. I'll document my process starting today. So keep an eye out for a video!

Thanks for reading.


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