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This month has been a turning point in my career as a artist. I've learned so much about myself and what I am capable of. Buffet Bachelor is officially coming out September 25th 2017. This will mark the first comic book that I've ever made and my  third book overall.  Honestly I couldn't be prouder.  I've had a lot of mishaps throughout the production of Buffet Bachelor and I see now how all of those happenings have pushed me in the right direction. 

Buffet Bachelor Comic Book Image by Lovietta Simpkins

I went off online for a while working harder to make the book a reality and going forward I have set clear goals for myself, not just for Buffet Bachelor but for other projects I've started. I made a decision to develop my craft, and create new material everyday, that  tells a story.

If the opportunity comes that someone wants to collaborate with me, then I will celebrate that. But as it stands right now, what keeps me going is my family, and my art. I've applied for countless opportunities, been used for my talents, had to take people to court, been told no,  been asked why would I want a position that I'm over qualified for. Or perhaps the worst is when I close on a contract and the person bails out but still wants to use my work or ideas.  Enough is enough. The time has come for me to jump ship and build my own raft.

I plan to do this with children's books, graphic novels, comics, novels, film, and animations. Next month once the book releases I have a childrens book in the works and a mini series based off of that book will be set for production once it releases. Stay tuned for updates as I share the production phases. 

As always have a wonderful day and thanks for reading. 


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